sample based bedroom producer

tempestuous teapot

Sampling a record may be child’s play, but using such samples effectively in your own compositions requires plenty of skill and finesse.

– AI

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Tempestuous teapot feat. JuztKP

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Tempestuous teapot feat.

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Sampling a record may be foolhardy, but using samples from a record to fit into an entirely new production seems easy, while getting started in this kind of production requires a lot of time, money and a good dose of patience. In reality, however, the process of putting a sample from one of these records into a whole – new productions – is one of the most challenging aspects of making music, especially in the final mix.



Music has a direct connection to our emotions,

because it is necessary for us to survive in our daily lives. Whether we go to a concert, sing in the shower, listen to the radio or dance, there is no doubt that music can fill us with emotions, from joy to sadness. If these emotions are what we need to feel, music can help a person sit back and just feel what is happening. An emotional hit from a familiar piece of music can be so powerful that it can still stimulate us again years later.      -AI